Session: Oral 1, May 21, 2021 9:35am – 11:05am
Room: Public Health
Moderator: Kameko Washburn
Co-Moderator: Brianna Doan
Recording Link: Recording Link Not Available


Presenter Name(s) Project Title
Chas Hurst Examining potential associations between landscape attributes, environmental factors, Aedes mosquito abundance, and human exposure to Aedes mosquitoes
Emma Marting A Loneliness Epidemic: The Adverse Effects of Social Isolation on American Young Adults,

and What We Can Learn from Worldwide Populations

Elizabeth Ziola Analysis And Preliminary Findings Of Subjects’ Proprioception And Impaired Neural Plasticity In Patients Who Have Suffered An Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke
Hung Huynh Healthcare Access and Utilization Among Vietnamese Americans With and Without Cardiovascular Diseases Living in California
Nicholas Arce Hepatitis C virus treatment among homeless adults
Gladys Ramirez Salinas Exploring Latinx Disease Burden and Fatalism in the Context of Familial Social Exchanges
Ruth Beltran
Sarah Wang A Case for Early Education Toward Sustainable Antibiotic Stewardship
Yifan Wu Social Vulnerability Analysis to Reduce Disparity in Disaster Impacts
Lijie Chen Systematic Review of Adverse Drug Events and Drug Exposure Definitions utilizing Secondary Clinical Databases
Emily Dang
Tiffany Nguyen
Sarah Samman
Michael Nguyen
Mary Nguyen