UROP Staff

Professional Staff

UROP staff are dedicated to assisting students and faculty with all aspects of the undergraduate research process—from finding suitable research or creative opportunities with the right mentor, through writing a proposal, to presenting results.

Sharon Parks, Director


Interests: Travel (especially international), going to concerts, comedy shows, cats, beach

Brennan Devine, Administrative Coordinator


Interests: Cooking, movies (good and bad ones), judo, reading

Bethany Bruhl, UROP Advisor


Interests: Pop culture, travel, Disneyland, first-gen college student, Mario Kart, and food enthusiast

Jerry McMillan, UROP Advisor


Interests: Music (choral, orchestral, opera), wilderness (red rocks and high places), reading, FRPGs, wordplay, cooking, mindfulness

Ana Patino, UROP Advisor


Interests: Baking, reading, finding new local spots, museums, practicing self-care, learning new things, watching comfort movies, embroidery

UROP Peer Advisors

UROP Peer Advisors are UROP Fellows who have extensive research experience. They serve as advocates for undergraduate research by assisting the UROP office with outreach, marketing, and mentoring through weekly office hours, advising appointments, social media interactions, and general outreach to the campus.

Afia Ahmed

Major: Public Health & Education Sciences


Ketaki Lole

Major: Biological Sciences


Julie Loritsch

Major: Neurobiology


Ky-Vinh Mai

Major: Data Science & Language Science



UROP Ambassadors

UROP Ambassadors are undergraduate students who are deeply involved in research across diverse academic disciplines at UCI. Each ambassador represents a specific school and is central to our outreach efforts. UROP ambassadors share their research experiences through information sessions, student panels, and class announcements.

Sepehr Farahmand

Major: Chemistry

Representing: School of Physical Sciences


Noosha Jazayeri

Major: Business Administration

Representing: Paul Merage School of Business


Brittany Kester

Major: Psychological Science

Representing: School of Social Ecology



Ruby Lapeyre

Major: Music Theatre, Education Minor

Representing: Claire Trevor School of the Arts



Hrithik Ashok Popat

Major: Cognitive Sciences

Representing: School of Social Sciences


Kaustubh Simha

Majors: Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics

Representing: Samueli School of Engineering & School of Physical Sciences


Alyssa Tung

Major: Nursing Science

Representing: UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing



Jacqueline Yao

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Representing: Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences