Frequently Asked Questions

Start Research

How can I "Do UROP?"

You do not sign up for research through UROP; research is a relationship between you and your faculty mentor. Our role is to support you in your undergraduate research journey, and you can take advantage of any of our programs that interest you. UROP Advisors can coach you on how to discover your research interests, find a faculty mentor, and apply for funding to help you reach your goals.

Why should I do research?

Research is an opportunity to personalize and enhance your education. By delving deeply into a project that excites you, you’ll apply knowledge from your classes, gain important skills, make real-world contributions, and develop relationships that can last for years. One great reason to try research is to see if it’s something that appeals to you. Research experience can also be an important asset in graduate school and job applications.

Where can I learn how to get into research?

Attend a Workshop or watch the workshop recordings to learn about your options.  Visit our main web page’s “Getting Started” section (scroll toward the bottom).  Follow the steps and use the recommended tools.  If you still need help after you do so, schedule an appointment with a UROP Advisor or Ambassador.

Do I have to be a certain major to do research?

We encourage students from all majors to get involved in research, and your project does not have to be related to your major. Find a topic that excites you, whether it’s related to your major or not.

What kind of research can I engage in?

Common types of projects include:

  • Individual & Group Projects
  • Laboratory, Design, or Artistic Projects
  • Senior Theses/Literature Reviews
  • Scholarly Work in Humanities/Social Sciences
  • Surveys/Interviews/Psychology Experiments/Observational Studies

How much of a time commitment is required?

Generally, 10-15 hours per week during the academic year. Most faculty mentors would like a commitment of at least one year. Summer commitments vary and typically range from 15-30 hours per week (average 20 hours per week).

Can I get academic credit for the time I spend on my project?

Many students take 199 or other Independent Study courses and get academic credit (from 1-5 units). Talk with your faculty mentor if you’re interested in receiving academic credit for your research.

How should I find a potential faculty mentor?

Are there GPA or other requirements for participating in research?

While there are no campus-wide eligibility requirements, individual faculty may have their own standards for students they will mentor.

UROP Funding

How can I receive funding or recognition for my project?

We offer programs throughout the year to support your research project or creative activity. See our “UROP Opportunities” page for information, deadlines and links to application forms.

Can I apply for UROP funding if I'm working as part of a lab?

Students conducting many types of research, including laboratory work, can apply for recognition and funding during the academic year and summer.

Can international students submit research proposals for funding?

Yes. You can apply as long as you are a UCI undergraduate in good academic standing.

Can I apply for Fall and Summer Proposals in the same year?

Yes. You can submit Fall and SURP (summer) proposals for different projects or the same project, although you are limited to one funded individual project within the same call (you can also participate in funded Fall group projects). Funded awards for Fall proposals reimburse you for project-related costs; SURP stipends are in support of your time and effort.


How can I learn about the Undergraduate Research Symposium?

See our “Symposium” page for information about the Symposium, including tips for presenters, registration to attend, and program links for past events.

Who can participate in the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium? Who can attend?

Any UCI undergraduate conducting a faculty-mentored research project or creative activity may apply to present at the Symposium. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Can I present more than one research project or creative activity at the Symposium?

Students may present only one individual project, but may also participate in a group presentation.


Can I have my research published?

Publishing can be an exciting conclusion to your research project, and we encourage you to consult with your faculty mentor about opportunities that might be available to you. This overview of the publication process can provide some things to consider as you explore publication options.

What if I have more questions?

Follow the steps under our main web page’s “Getting Started” section so that we can assist you.