Session: Oral 1, May 21, 2021 9:35am – 11:05am
Room: Psychology
Moderator: Libby Weber
Co-Moderator: Jeesoo Kim
Recording Link: Click Here
Presenters/topics below are in order of presentation. Each presentation was approximately 10 minutes long.  Move the video forward in 10-minute increments to skip to the next topic. 


Presenter Name(s) Project Title
Kajsa Sibley The Role of Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) in Substance Use Patterns During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Yvonne Dai
Vitica Arnold
Brenda Nguyen Feasibility of Multi-Modal Personal Chronicles as a Technology-Based Mental Health Intervention Method
Nate Choukas
Sam Lee
Cathy Liang Spirituality and Religious Involvement as Moderators of the Relationship between Potentially Morally Injurious Event Exposure and Flourishing
Clare Chen UCI Undergraduate’s Awareness, Perception and Attitude on Homelessness
Delayne Darroux
Justin Luu
Neda Izadyar
Sadat Zaman
Pin Wen Wang
Therese Cristal
Isabelle Lee Exploring the Use & Impact of a Mood-Tracking Application
Krysta Boele Acculturative Stress, Domestic Violence, and Well-being in College Students
Daisy Ramos Bicultural Identity Integration, Depressive Symptoms, and Eating Behavior Problems among Ethnic Minority Undergraduates
Saad Iqbal Deficits in Social Problem-Solving Abilities as a Dynamic Risk Factor for Aggression
Victoria Staton Understanding the Dynamics of Perpetrator and Victim Relationships in Trafficking and Sex Abuse Cases Involving Minors