Session: Oral 2, May 21, 2021 3:0pam – 4:30pm
Room: Education
Moderator: Donald Dabdub
Co-Moderator: Deyaneira Chic
Recording Link: Pending Conversion
Presenters/topics below are in order of presentation. Each presentation was approximately 10 minutes long.  Move the video forward in 10-minute increments to skip to the next topic. 


Presenter Name(s) Project Title
Ethan Smiggs Low-Cost P300 BCI for STEM Learning
Ming Wei Hung
Udit Iyengar
Madeline Karam
Arthur Nguyen
Darren Leung How Was Your Internship? Connections Between Academia and Industry Through the Stories of Internship Experiences of Female Engineering Students
Amy Huynh
Gina Ngo Increasing Retention for Mathematic Candidates in the CalTeach Program
Luis Payan
Karyssa Courey A Model-Based Examination of Scale Effects in Student Evaluations of Teaching
Simon Nguyen Evaluating and Ranking Criteria for Mathematics Graduate Education Admissions through the Analytic Hierarchy Process
Melissa Molina Transforming and Repurposing Student Support Programs: The Community Cultural Wealth of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Students
Zane Elnaghi Twine Choose Your Own Adventure Used in Virtual Organic Chemistry Separations Experiment