Session: Oral 2, May 21, 2021 3:0pam – 4:30pm
Room: Aspects of Personal Identity
Moderator: Marcello Fiocco
Co-Moderator: Wenxuan Cao
Recording Link: Pending Conversion
Presenters/topics below are in order of presentation. Each presentation was approximately 10 minutes long.  Move the video forward in 10-minute increments to skip to the next topic. 


Presenter Name(s) Project Title
Quynh Theresa Do The Effects of Self-Efficacy on Cognitive Task Abilities in Younger and Older Adults
Michelle Ke Framing Effects in Crowd-Sourced Ranked Opinions
Grace Pan Can Virtual Assistants Improve Productivity?
Ayanna Cuevas Now You See Us: Indigenous Photography in Mexico
Raisa Munir 4 Of A Kind
Hajra Usman Psychological Science with emphasis in trauma and resilience
Nadia Malek Exploring the Impact of Ethnicity on Emotional Reactions to Morally Injurious Events
Quynh Theresa Do Sex Differences in Sleep and Sleep Apnea in Context of Aging and Cognition: A Focus on Sleep Architecture, Sleep Apnea Factors, and Neuropsychological Tests