UROP Faculty Advisory Board

The UROP Faculty Advisory Board consist of one faculty representative from each participating School at UCI.  Members of the Board are responsible for the evaluation and awarding of student research projects submitted through UROP’s Call for Proposals and advise on UROP programmatic elements and strategic goals.  The Board is chaired by a DUE Associate Dean.

    UROP Faculty Board Members

      Faculty Representative School
      Professor Juliet Carrillo Arts
      Professor Manny Azizi Biological Sciences
      Professor Libby Weber Business
      TBD Computer Science
      Professor Francois Primeau Council on Teaching, Learning, & Student Experience
      Professor Katherine Rhodes Education
      Professor Iryna Zenyuk Engineering
      Professor Andrea Henderson Humanities
      Professor Kevin Beier Medicine
      Professor Yuqing Guo Nursing
      Professor Amal Alachkar Pharmaceutical Sciences
      Professor Huolin Xin Physical Sciences
      Professor Michael Hoyt Public Health
      Professor Sarah Pressman Social Ecology
      TBD Social Sciences